Ways to spice up things in the bedroom

karmaRelationships for many people can become very mundane and it is quite common for things to become quite stale in the bedroom department. This is why it really is a case of always trying new things and some great tips that we have put together include things like:

1) trying some new positions – People can generally get quite complacent when making love and therefore sometimes a change can be as good as a holiday as they say! This can make things a lot more enjoyable and start to bring some interest back. This can be done through reading come scripts on the subjects such as the famous Karma Sutra for example or perhaps simply by browsing the internet to have a look for some new positions that have not been tried before. To get ready for these new more creative positions it might even be an idea to get a bit prepared for this. This might be by taking up a Yoga class to improve flexibility or perhaps just going running and doing some exercise together beforehand or example.

2) Some new locations – A lot of people will say that by changing location and being a bit adventurous as to the locations where you make love can also really spice things up in a relationship. Whether this is on a short vacation away for the weekend or perhaps in different locations in the home for example. This can really help to break up the monotony and really get some spice back into proceedings

3) Trip to Ann Summers – Another great idea is to take a trip to the local lingerie store to add some spice. Here you might get some nice scented candles, some lingerie for the wife and perhaps even some sexy toys if this is your thing!